On January 26, 2012, our Board approved the rezoning of parcels of property located at 404, 406, 500 N. Greensboro Street and 113 Parker Street for a project which has come to be known as Shelton Station.  The vote was 4-3 in favor of the rezoning (Mayor Chilton and Aldermen Haven-O’Donnell, Slade and I voted in favor of the project, and Aldermen Gist, Coleman and Johnson voted against the project).  We heard many thoughtful arguments for and against the project, which, if and when built out, will change N. Greensboro in a very noticeable fashion.   Pros of the project argued were that it would bring more people downtown to live, spend money, and conduct their daily activities in a more sustainable fashion (it is on a transportation corridor, and the project will be built to LEED-equivalent standards), and that it included a sizeable number of affordable units.  A further pro was that there is a purely commercial component to the project that will enhance the tax value of the property, and add to the sales tax base.   Arguments against the project were that it was too dense and would attract students, would lead to more traffic, and that it would change the character of the surrounding neighborhood.  

I think that this project is uniquely situated to be one that does not impact nearby residences (it sits between Southern States and the Fitch warehouse, and will back up to the railroad tracks).  The Carrboro developer, Ken Reiter, responded to concerns of the community and scaled back the project on two separate occasions.  I think what we have ended up with is exactly what the majority of the citizens of Carrboro would want as we continue to seek ways to reduce the tax burden on our taxpayers, and act responsibly while doing so.  You can read more about this here: