We heard quite a bit about flag lots at our meeting on November 23 (a public hearing continued from October 26).  At issue is whether to require (via a text amendment) that persons wishing to develop certain housing on property described as “flag lots” (they look just like they sound – they have a long, skinny driveway and lead back to a lot) be required to have a special use permit issued by the Board of Adjustment before being permitted to do so.  Staff has recommended that the board consider this requirement because over the years, the development of flag lots has been half hazard and inconsistent, and has sometimes created driveway access problems for emergency vehicles and trash pick-up.

Board members expressed the concern that the concerns, overall, went more to infill development than to flag lots in particular.  Concern was also expressed from board members about increased costs and a longer time frame for this type of development, as well as inconsistent requirements for development of frontage property as opposed to development of flag lot property.  There was a desire expressed to try to keep the process as simple as possible in Carrboro. 

The board voted to have staff return at a later date with a follow-up report.