At our March 9 board meeting, we were asked to approve two road races (an 8K and a duathlon which includes a bike ride), as they were being run on the streets of Carrboro and would impact our public works and other staff as well as town citizens.   I noticed that the two sponsors for the Carrboro Classic Endurance Festival were for-profit groups.  The paperwork noted that monies raised would go to Durham County Habitat for Humanity (as well as “Swim for Smiles,” an Orange County organization).  I asked that the sponsors consider having the profits from next year’s festival benefit the Orange County Habitat for Humanity.

I have previously raised the issue of groups that have road races in our community.  I believe we are more than accommodating for these events, which is why I believe we are asked to host so many.   I support these road races and think they are a fine addition to our active, vibrant town.

But, I do think in cases where we have for-profit groups holding races that benefit non-profit groups from other counties that also have a branch or office in Orange County that we should have some type of policy that any donated monies (basically, race proceeds) from the race go toward the Orange County non-profit (a good point was made to me from a local runner that usually, the non-profits that benefit from these monies staff the road races with groups of volunteers – point taken.  I believe it would be reasonable to expect that Orange County non-profits be required to be up to this task.) 

In Carrboro, we have an ongoing quest to support our local non-profits, and this would be one way to address this need.  This is being placed on a future agenda for discussion at some point.