Having attended the Human Rights Campaign’s Annual Dinner in Raleigh the evening before, I think I was on a mission at our annual BOA retreat on February 28.  During the HRC Dinner, companies were highlighted who have implemented gay friendly policies (for example, anti-discrimination requirements, domestic partner benefits, diversity training, and histories of financial support for LGBT advocacy groups).  Scorecards for various companies (mostly national, but some regional and state) can be found on the HRC website. 

Anyway, this got me to thinking (again) about contracts we (the Town/BOA) award to businesses and companies that compete for our projects.  I always ask, as part of any contract we review regarding a job that a business or company is going to perform for the Town, that the contract have an LGBT anti-discrimination clause.  So, at the retreat, I remarked about this again, and asked if it was possible to make this requirement part of the RFPs (request for proposals) at the front end of future bid awards we make, so that the anti-discrimination clauses could then automatically be added to these contracts in the future.  It was suggested that this be investigated so that we could adopt a policy reflecting this.  Staff is looking into this matter, and hopefully we will have a favorable(legal)  outcome in this quest.   The Daily Tar Heel had an article about this matter here: