We have only had two short board meetings since the summer break, and so I thought I would use this post to describe a course I am teaching for the first time at NCCU School of Law entitled “State and Local Governmental Law.”  I have thirteen students in this seminar style class; thus far our legal topics have included federalism, incorporation and annexation.  To make the course more relevant, I have tried to make the course real-life, and so we discuss actual issues in North Carolina and Carrboro.  For example, we are studying the North Carolina annexation laws and proposed changes, and we have discussed farmers, goats and chickens.  It is always refreshing to hear their points of view – and they have many!  For the first writing assignment, I had my students write a reflection paper about running for local office.  They had to focus on why they should be elected and what local issues they felt were important.  In short, this class has helped me learn a little more about issues we have in Carrboro, and has helped my students learn more about what they may need to consider if they become public servants.