We had our BOA retreat on Monday, February 2, 2009.  The half-day session was all about money – the financial picture of the town, and how the economy was (or would be) affecting our citizens.  The members of the board brainstormed about ways to tackle our financial challenge.  We ended up paring down a list of some 40-plus ideas, and staff is going to follow up on those for us.

Potential action items included the following:

  1. Considering increasing aid to agencies
  2. Involve BOA members in combined giving campaign
  3. Explore with legislators options for local preferential purchasing
  4. Move assets to locally owned banks and/or credit unions
  5. Refer “What can we do to help businesses” question from local business survey to the Local Living Economy Task Force
  6. Discuss BOA interest in green building industry and set objectives

The Daily Tar Heel followed up with a story about the survey, and our effort to reach out to local businesses and non-profits, which you can read here.