With thanks to Clement Clarke Moore, who wrote “Twas the night before Christmas” in 1822, here is my Carrboro version of that familiar poem. I read a slightly modified version at the Carrboro Employee Appreciation Luncheon on December 19:T’was the night before Christmas
And down at Town Hall,
The Aldermen were meeting,
Seven in all.

The subject was grave
On that late, chilly night,
The Town of Carrboro
Was in quite a plight.

Lydia arrived early
In her red and green suit,
And you have to admit,
She looked kind of cute!
[hey – when you write it, you can say whatever you want!]

Randee was perched in her chair,
Decked in green,
And her colorful scarf.
She looked so serene.

The Mayor arrived
By foot, a short walk,
His cheeks were all rosy
As he readied to talk.

“The Town’s in a pickle,”
He said with concern.
“It appears Santa’s sleigh
Took a really wrong turn.”

As Mark paused a moment,
John Hererra walked in.
He threw down his briefcase
With a holiday grin.

The mayor continued
With a serious face,
“The reindeer apparently
Really love this place …”

“When flying across
Our dear town on this night,
The reindeer turned left,
And then they turned right,”

“And then they aimed downward,”
He said with a yawn,
“And landed smack-dab
On the Weaver Street lawn!”

Dan had been thorough in
Reviewing the matter,
His seven page memo
Started the chatter.

“It seems they are feeding
On the newly planted grass,
And not budging an inch,
To Santa’s alas.”

“Carolyn and Travis
And Sarah and Steve
Are all down there trying
To get them to leave.”

“And Desiree, Bing, James,
Anita and Roy,
Are trying to trick them
By acting all coy.”

“If they don’t stop grazing
And get back in flight,
There will be lots of children
Who lose out this night.”

Joal blinked her eyes slowly,
Then gave them a whirl,
“I need to think this through …
I’m a process girl.”

Jacquie was pensively
Staring ahead,
Her wheels were turning when
Suddenly she said,

“Let’s give Santa food
That’s locally grown,
And tell him to use it
To coax them toward home.”

“It’s fresh and it’s tasty
And organic, oh my,
It’ll get that old sleigh
Back up in the sky.”

So George and his crew
Went searching a farm,
And believe it or not,
This worked like a charm!

The board and the staff
And the citizens too,
Went out to the dark streets
Awaiting the view.

As everyone stood
Staring up at the sky,
They saw all the reindeer
And Santa rise high.

And they “heard him exclaim
“Ere, he drove out of sight,
Happy Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!”