Last week on September 30, we approved the East Main Street project. For details about the project and vote, click HERE. As mentioned in the article, I am very excited about this project, the largest ever for Carrboro. It has been thoughtfully planned by local developers with input from the community, and the developers have carefully considered the needs of two of the major tenants of the project, the Arts Center and the Cat’s Cradle. It is a critical step toward our Board’s effort to grow our commercial tax base. It will also provide us with another revenue stream, that of the hotel tax.

We have not had a place in Carrboro for people to stay overnight who have come to our town for our festivals, shows, or to visit family. The hotel planned for this project means that many of these visitors will be spending dinner and breakfast dollars in Carrboro. Additionally, the inclusion of a hotel in this project opens up other sources of visitor travel – conferences, meetings, symposiums and receptions, for example – that will bring our Town more tax dollars.

The developers are hoping that the current dire economic picture of the country will improve in the coming months so that they can get this project rolling. My sentiments exactly!