Last night, we had a special called meeting of the BOA, and we passed an ordinance that addresses towing from private property in the town of Carrboro (click HERE for background leading up to this).Although the situation at Abbey Court led to the urgency of passing this ordinance, the matter of towing from private lots has been on our radar for some time, Chapel Hill having passed a similar ordinance applicable to their business district in early 2008. There are a few minor differences between their ordinance and ours (I believe they do not require tow truck operators to accept credit cards, and we do; also, their ordinance states they will review the towing fees every year, and ours has no such statement). However, knowing that the matter was vetted next door with input from tow truck operators and others, and having seen it operate in Chapel Hill without incident for several months, the vote to pass this ordinance unanimously was made.

As Mayor Mark Chilton said last night, he has been involved in local government for many years, and he could not remember a time that a board called a special meeting in the middle of their summer recess to deal with an issue. I am proud that our board was so responsive to this matter, and by convening in such a way, we were able to help this situation immediately. I am also proud of our town staff; they have done a fantastic job dealing with this issue and others at Abbey Court over the past few weeks, and they deserve our thanks.