The Town received an anonymous complaint about three taco trucks that have been operating in Carrboro over the past several months.

In response, staff provided the board with an informative memo about the situation, which showed that the trucks were in violation of a zoning ordinance (see the memo HERE, or on the DOCUMENTS page). It is my understanding that the trucks are not in violation of any county-regulated health laws. This issue has generated lots of discussion around town!

At the board meeting on Tuesday, February 5, the BOA agreed unanimously to ask staff to investigate ways to revise our land use ordinance to allow taco trucks to keep operating in Carrboro. Prior to the meeting, I researched the matter and was not surprised to find that many communities across the United States are dealing with this same issue. I found a few jurisdictions with laws that I believe can serve as a starting point for our revised or newly crafted ordinance. Personally, I believe it is entirely possible and desirable to keep these entrepreneurs operating. Our town has the largest growing Hispanic population in the state, and this form of eating establishment helps build our community and adds to our culinary and cultural diversity.